is getting older ? And still fav. car of most people. I don't understand why companies kill cars when they reach it's purest form. Are they afraid to make it more elegant ?

Now I really respect the guts of Mazda for their MX-5 » 8/02/13 3:34pm 8/02/13 3:34pm

I suggest the Hindustan Motors Ambassador 1.5 DSZ, I4 OHV got only 35.5 bhp, 7.5 kgm torque where the kerb weight is 2645 lb (Gross weight goes up to 3640 lb). That makes a power to weight ratio of 0.0134 bhp/kgs and weight to power ratio of 74.51 lb/bhp. » 5/15/13 4:20pm 5/15/13 4:20pm